Dave & Lola, through United Arts are approved  "Artists in Residence" in Wake County Schools.  For this program, Lola comes in to a school Mon-Thurs to help kids write songs on a theme.  She prepares them to put on a performance Friday for the rest of the school...featuring their 2 original songs with choreography and information on the topic. She assigns kids speaking parts, acting and rapping parts.  Dave accompanies the songs, and records the kids singing, then leaves a CD for each  class  to keep.  Lola's worked with first graders on an Animal Habitat theme, second graders on a Famous Americans theme, and fifth graders on a “Stop Bullying Now” theme. The Bully theme is very popular because, not only do the kids get a chance to work on song writing skills, speaking, acting, rapping and singing skills, but, they're addressing a serious problem.  Here is a video from the "Stop Bullying Now" program.       ”

— Video for "Stop Bullying Now!"

The other program Dave & Lola  do in the schools involves their quintet, called "Capital Transit".  In this program, the 5 members of Capital Transit come to an elementary school and put on a musical history program, with music from the 1600's up through to DooWop and Rock and Roll.  It's called "From Bach to DooWop."  Tim Smith, Drew Lile, Laura Ridgeway, Dave & Lola Youngman are the 5 group members. For more info call 919-247-8555. ”

— Video for Capital Transit - "From Bach to Doo-Wop"