Capital Transit recording 

Lola has put together a new vocal group called "Capital Transit". They do 4 part vocals of jazz standards, much like the group "Manhattan Transfer". Tim Smith, Ben Palmer, Laura Ridgeway, and Lola are the 4 vocalists. Dave accompanies the group along with Jeff Crouse on drums. Also Tim plays sax, flute, & keyboard and Ben plays bass and guitar, so the group has a variety of different configurations to keep it interesting with instrumental tunes, solo vocals with instrumental quartet, 4 part vocals…

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Dave & Lola accepted for Artist in Residence! 

Lola and Dave were approved by United Arts to become "Artists in Residence" in Wake County Schools!! When a school books them as Artists in Residence", Lola will work with kids Mon-Thurs on songwriting on a theme, and she will direct them in putting on a show for the school. Dave records himself playing the instruments on the accompanying CD, and on Friday records the kids singing, then leaves a CD for the kids to keep to remember the show.

Lola & Dave applying for Artist in Residence 

Dave & Lola have been giving some programs in Wake County Elementary Schools, and have applied to United Arts to be "Artists in Residence" in Wake County Schools.  For this program, Lola comes in to one particular school Mon-Thurs to help 5th graders write songs on an "anti-bullying" theme, and to discuss with them ways of stopping bullies. She prepares them to put on a performance Friday for the rest of the school... A performance designed to teach everyone how to stand up to bullies. Dave accompanies

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Dave's new CD is released! 

Dave's new CD called "New Years Day" is now available on "CD Baby" or you can buy it at one of his gigs. Go to "hear our music" and give a listen. Great job Dave!

Dave's new CD 

Dave's recording a new cd of original music. Dave's playing all instruments except drums, which are expertly covered by Jeff Crouse. Should be available soon.

Pieces of Gold 2008 

On Dec 5, Lola's chorus students once again auditioned for the big show called "Pieces of Gold" which takes place at Memorial Auditorium in March. Out of 70 groups auditioning, 30 were selected. Lola's group made it again for the 11th year in a row!

Lola's full time now! 

In summer 2006, just when Lola was settling in to teaching part time and "gigging" part time, her principal asked her to teach music full time at Joyner Elementary this year! She took the challenge & now is responsible for even more children's musical productions, as well as double the class load! The tricky part will be keeping up the gigs! She & Dave plan to sing & play as much as ever. Think she may be a little busy?

Pieces of Gold Show 

On March 8, 2006, a group of Lola's students (from Joyner Elementary) performed at Memorial Auditorium in the annual Pieces of Gold show. They did Lola's song, "Perseverance". They sang, danced & even told jokes! They were outstanding! Ask Lola to show you the DVD of their performance.

The Big Apple 

Sept 22-26 Lola went to New York City with some girlfriends from college. They saw four broadway plays and went to see an old friend Kathleen Landis, who sings and plays piano at the Pierre Hotel. Kathleen asked Lola to sing a song (accompanied by Kathleen). There was quite a crowd there. Lola sang Summertime. The people were receptive and applauded enthusiastically. Lola had made her New York Debut!

New CD available! 

Lola's new CD called "This Can't Be Love" is now available! We're selling it on the internet through CD Baby, and Amazon. There is now a link to CD Baby on our website. Just click onto "Buy our CD" even if you're not buying a CD. You can hear sound clips there, and if you'd like, if you scroll down to the bottom of the page, you can write a review of our CD there, for others to read.