Lola & Dave applying for Artist in Residence

Dave & Lola have been giving some programs in Wake County Elementary Schools, and have applied to United Arts to be "Artists in Residence" in Wake County Schools.  For this program, Lola comes in to one particular school Mon-Thurs to help 5th graders write songs on an "anti-bullying" theme, and to discuss with them ways of stopping bullies. She prepares them to put on a performance Friday for the rest of the school... A performance designed to teach everyone how to stand up to bullies. Dave accompanies the songs, and records the kids singing, then leaves a CD for each 5th gr class. 



Lola's Elementary Chorus is performing at the "Pieces of Gold" show at Memorial Auditorium Mar 12. They're singing a song Lola wrote called "Take Responsibility." Dave wrote and recorded the accompaniment, and will be in the orchestra pit playing guitar with the band. This show is complete with costumes, props, choreography, and professional sound & lighting. The kids are very excited!

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