Capital Transit recording

Lola has put together a new vocal group called "Capital Transit". They do 4 part vocals of jazz standards, much like the group "Manhattan Transfer". Tim Smith, Ben Palmer, Laura Ridgeway, and Lola are the 4 vocalists. Dave accompanies the group along with Jeff Crouse on drums. Also Tim plays sax, flute, & keyboard and Ben plays bass and guitar, so the group has a variety of different configurations to keep it interesting with instrumental tunes, solo vocals with instrumental quartet, 4 part vocals acappella, and 4 part vocals with accompaniment. This group also does an educational music history program in elementary schools. Maggie Duffey joined them for their most recent school program. They are currently recording a demo CD which will be finished hopefully next week. They plan on performing in many indoor and outdoor venues, including festivals and swing dances.

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